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The Mattress Recycling Group
provide a nationwide collection
service for mattresses.

The Mattress Recycling Group provides a nationwide collection service for mattresses.

At the Mattress Recycling Group we guarantee 100% landfill avoidance with over 70% of all mattresses components recycled. The remainder of the mattress recycling is utilised within our alternative fuels division as a source of SRF as a direct replacement for coal. We have successfully ensured that well over 500,000 mattresses have avoided landfill.

The process utilises a purpose built warehouse that uses a combination of mechanical, automated and manual processing to optimise the percentage recycled. The by-products of the mattress recycling process are utilised in the manufacturing of steel and various fibre led components. Our knowledge of plastics and fibres has ensured a focus on recovering the highest quality raw materials. With a variety of bespoke technologies employed on site the facility also boasts a 250 tonne press baler and wrapping line to ensure the final products are optimised for the final customer.

With our continued commitment to improve our recycling mattress percentages we continue to invest heavily in research and development to further improve the level of resource led mattress recycling. We are committed to auditable and sustainable solutions throughout our business. We have successfully demonstrated a continual improvement in all aspects of environmental compliance. We provide a series of waste reports and management information to ensure your waste returns and audit trails are fully compliant.

We uniquely offer a closed loop one stop shop. With our own collection fleet of over 60 vehicles operating nationally we can collect in bulk. Alternatively you can arrange your own transport and deliver direct to our site 7 days per week.

Our 25 acre site is fully licensed and recycles mattresses sourced from retailers (via take back schemes), civic amenity sites, transfer stations, local authorities, prisons, hospitals, manufacturers, hotels and many other sources.

What else do we now recycle:-

We also process outdoor furniture, office desks, office furniture, hotel furniture, sofas, tables and chairs and carpets. We also offer a secure and confidential destruction service. We guarantee 100% landfill diversion with a fully auditable duty of care.

PLEASE NOTE WE ONLY COLLECT FROM WASTE TRANSFER STATIONS AND CA SITES. For details on disposal of individual mattresses and residential enquiries please contact your local council.

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